Who is Nemo? – Silly question!

Sir highness Nemo the 1st is a 3 year old kitten who has truly blessed our life’s with his pure presence.

When thats said – he is truly the most funny cat ive ever comes across 😀

More pictures and daily doings will be found on my blog. And rest assured there will be A LOT of pics!

We got Nemo when he was 12 weeks old in a city called…something in Swedish. It was a 4 hour drive from where we lived – so quite a trip! I saw him on blocket.se (swedish buy/sell site) and i was sold.. so adorable and with a teasing twist in his playful eyes *heart melting* So i convinced Tonie i couldn’t survive without him and we drove the long way down to get him.

He took the car-drive home with excellence… really amazed how relaxed and calm he was. Slept 3½ hour in my lap and rarely looked out.  I think it has settled the car as something positive and calming, because as soon as we go into one with him, he is ofc curious whats going on – but usually sleeps quite soon after 🙂

His mother is a mixed race of Norwegian forest cat and main coon and his dad is a pure maincoon – so he has semi long hair and a biiiig maincoon tail.  When he was a little kitten his tail was nothing but a thin stick!  Then all of a sudden it said *PUFF* and now its a dust cleaner!

* If you search on “Nemo” in the search bar on the front page – you will get a million pictures in various threads of him 🙂

Cuddly little boy charming his daddio

Sleeping in the car on our way to Denmark..

Perfect closeup


Teamwork is the key to success!

Flirting with the camera Nemo? *smelts*

“Awesome match”

…pretty..very pretty nemo..

My boy

His opinion…

Center of attention..as usual (he is SO small on that picture *memorylane*

Helping daddy building chicken fence to the balcony in sweden

So whatcha doing daddy??

So tiny little *melt*

I cant heeear yooou

Sleeping beauty

Sir highness Nemo the 1st

Nemos first ride

Driving home with nemo


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