Who am I? – Author of this blog

Hej and welcome to my blog

Im a 28 year old danish girl who lives in Denmark, with my wonderful boyfriend Tonie and our little kitten Nemo. (and in July we expand the household with a little babygirl!)

I met Tonie in a online game in 2005  – then in 2009 we started to write emails to eachother, and the emails advanced the phonecalls and phonecalls advanced to me being on the Stena line boat, on my way to Sweden to finally meet him. And it was love at first sight – so here i am 3 years later still madly in love with this wonderful man.

Shortly after my arrival in Sweden, we decided to expand our household with something furry, and the result is a little red haired frenzy cute kitten called Nemo. OH, im sorry SIR highness Nemo the 1st!  He is the king of our lives and we love him with every bits of our hearts:D

I sadly have a condition, that causes me trouble working fulltime – so im on a pre-pension (no old lady jokes!) for the moment until we have learned more how to coope with it. My dream is to have my own 2nd hand store in a  quiet society outside the big cities. (Preferably in a old barn of some sort – that will come with our future pretty farm house!)

In 2011 i had a summerjob in my moms gallery, and it was really really great! -( Mom owns a gallery and a course center) so she has EVERYTHING the heart desires of things to be creative with. This year (2012) it was ment for me to go back and work again – but i have a huge pretty stomach instead wich prevents me from standing up too long at a time, so no work this summer!
Tonie started a kitchen-chef education in a city called Aalborg in the fall of 2011- and that means he is staying at a schoolhome 6 month a year, then work here on the island during summer at a restaurant called “Havnebakken” – then back to school during winter etc. Education lasts 3 years. – A little rough being apart for so long (comes home every weekend) – but we paddle through!

When he is home from either work or school  – we like to spend our time at our computers fiddling with a million things, watch shows on the tv or go for coffee around family members. From time to time i find myself being creative with a little painting, baking, making glass jewelries or other mindblowing things!  All wich will be posted here – cause that is what this blog is about. My daily life doings

Enjoy your stay and dont hesitate to leave a note:)

My model days – many years ago! (well..7)

21 years old – i think

20 years old – and a tad drunk at my sister haha

Summer 2010 / sister and me

Summer 2010

New year eve 09/10

New year eve 09/10

Summer 05

Summer 09



  1. Lone Ramtung Said:

    Love you my little girl !

  2. rufatahmad Said:

    Hi. I like your blog. I wish you to be happy until the end of your life. Respect and a lot of greetings from Azerbaijan)

    Rufat Ahmadzada

    The young writer with an old spirit))

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