Nephew and Niece

This page is for my perfect little niece and my perfect little nephew.

My sister gave birth to Sofie the 7th feb.  23.51 with a lenght of 52cm.  And Benjamin came out 00.07 with a lenght of 50cm. Both with a birth weight of 3280 gram.

They are so adorable and perfect it brings tears to my eyes to even write it. There are no words good enough to explain how right it feels that they are a part of this family. Its been a long journey for the proud parents to get here today – but its all been worth it tenfold and just imagine a year ago we talked about how wonderful it would be if she got pregnant. Few weeks later i got an sms saying the most loving words in the world!… just to top it a few weeks later with an update “Your gonna be an aunt to TWINS” !!


Soon their first christmas – and im so lucky to experience that with them. Gonna be a magic night!


Love the intense eyes

very concentrated!

Pretty outfits

Haha fantastic smile

Baptism of Benjamin

Baptism of Sofie

Happy parents

Such a cuuute little hat 😀


Legal guardians

You look very beautiful Sis

Awesome picture!

Le babies turns 2 month old - time flies!

The proud granparents

I love this one haha soooo cute

Malus 30 year old birthday - awsome picture!

So cute! *smelts*

The proud mom test-driving the limousine


Haha little brat!

The sweet Benjamin

The proud and happy grandad

The happy family

The proud dad

Sofie giving me her opinion about nap time

Their secret handshake


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  1. kaernevangen Said:

    Skønne billeder du har valgt – og smuk smuk tekst <3'krammer

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