Best pictures of 2010

A small collection of the pictures taken in 2010 – could proberly post 11.000 more…. enjoy!:D

My new hobby - feeding the wild birds:D (been doing all winter its really a great joy)

And a certain cat enjoyes it aswell!


Mom and dad got a new doggie "Aya"

Me and Tonie builded our first snowman together

I learned that zuchini comes in many sizes!

We got the brief experience of knowing this little darling at first hand (miss you greatly)

Nemo being outside for the first time

And its fuuuun 😀

Me getting a new hobby 😀

Nemo in the car

How to get daddios attention

Bought a transport cage for nemo


Prettyness in the sun

I swear he CAN be pretty... when he wants.

"Sup homies.."

Closeup of my little darling

Sir black eyed frenzy fur

I found a kitten that needed kisses !

My wonderful perfect sister finally got pregnant - with twins weee

We moved to denmark - renting a room in my brothers house

The grill masters! *cough* hihi

The summer holiday trip to dk

Tonies moms newest cat "Plutten" - haha love this picture:D

Michael playing with plutten

Michael being a model

Fixing the palads

"Say again?!"


Me fooling around

My favorite picture of my 2 loved ones 😀


Sir flirt of the year!

More darlingtons

When you need to sleep you need to sleep.

Me fooling around

Nemo cuddling in the moving boxes

Not a pleasent time for Sir Tonie:(


Finally got my dream speakers


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