New car!

After millions of hours of consideration of which car to get – we finally gave up and asked dad to help us look for a used one. Originally we wanted a new car – we even went and test drove a few models, ended up falling in love with one..buuut our finances cant carry it right now. SO we started to look for used cars – but very slow and its a little tough, because we live on an island.

Dad proved himself very worthy of the task – a week later he had a friend who was selling this dark metallic blue Opel Vectra.  We took a chance and went down to get it – a choice we havent had any second thoughts about yet!  Its a really nice deal for the amount we payed!  Which is 11.500kr (price was 14.000 but he gave us 2500 back and said we should spend them on fixing some things, like a thinghy thing so it dosnt sound like a V8 engine when driving haha)

Its an Opel Vectra 1.6L from 1998  Station wagon

Got 4 winter-tires for it too.

Its a so called “2-year car” – if it goes through inspection next time, good for us (pretty sure it will – nothing really major wrong with it) then we have it for another 2 years.

Our pretty new veteran car!

Have 3 tiny scratches (not visible on the picture) on the back-flap – but its so minor you barely notice it. Thats about it – Quite amazed how good it stands out after a decade of age!

Loooooove space! And the black protection thing is just lovely – and much easier to clean than the fabric underneath it.

Pretty ok space in the backseat. And its well kept considering how old the car is

Wondeful seat fabric…not! But i will buy a thinghy to put over so its easier to slide in and out of the car

It has Cruise Control, A/C and a cd-player wuhu! (we just need to figure out how the CC works..)






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