A trip to Ikea

Went to Ikea yesterday – got a few things. Havent bothered taking pictures of all it. But the small stuff is here:D  (the bigger borring things are another shelf for our shed outside, 2 clothing-holding furnitures and a cloth rack to hang your dryclean on…wuhu)

So cheap! 15 kr for 6 parts. Got bowls, plates, utensils and cups – And its very colorfull which i think is perfect for babies who gets stimulated alot by it.

Its made for people with small children!

droolers – cant have too many of that. (and i love Ikea – if they get too filthy, i can toss them without feeling too guilty – and buy new ones!)

My new dinner room set weeee – been sighing for this for a looong time (ever since i saw it first time like 3 years ago!) And yesterday was time to finally buy it. Its super pretty and im sooo happy.

A bigger plate- same brand as my new dinner set. Imagine to put fruit or cake etc on it – its huge and pretty

We are lacking an oven bowl thing, that isnt so big it can feed 4 people! Sometimes we just need to make a “dinner for 2” dish – so this fits perfect! Ive layed down a fork in it, so its easier to see its measurements.

Napkins! And protector thingies to put under a hot pan etc.

Nightlamp – Instead of turning on ALL light for changing our girl or feeding etc, during night – this is more soft and gentle (and cute!)

Under-the-bed-roller-box. With a little baby coming our space is getting limited, so this cool solution have solved a few issues. 75kr and its quite big.

Our new dinner room table lamp. Really been looking for a pretty one for a long time, and Ikea just got a full set of this type – Will post pics later when its up and hanging (need some cable stuff first) and its cheap! 149kr!

Neck pillow… its awesome! (and i get flashbacks from when i was a little kid, out driving longer distances, me and bro had one each in grey.. *memories* )


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  1. kaernevangen Said:

    Sikke da nogle dejlige ting i har fået købt – jeg har bare en klage…. Hvor F….. er Nemo??! Han er da ALTID med på billederne? Nåårrrrhhh … han lå sikkert og gassede den i kravlegården 😀 (Psst…. det er til BABIEN Søs, ikk katten….)

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