Tonie went out with some guys from work last night – came home around 03.00 or so. I wasnt too awake and from the little we talked, he sounded alright and not too drunk.. BUT that changed hihi.

Around 04.00 he suddenly stood up – walked around the bed, took a hold of our bedsheets and pulled it all over.. scared Nemo away by being too rough “cuddling” him – and i kept ask him “what are you doing???” and he replied “nothing, im just gonna go pee”.. well good luck with that! Haha….

He dangled around super drunk and had to throw up so after 30 minutes of mess – he finally got back into bed and fell asleep…  I was wide awake now of course, so sat at the computer for a while before returning to bed. But Tonie had a DRAGONS breath that nearly made me pass out – so not much sleep!

Woke him up at 10.00 asking if he is going to work – and he was. Started to get ready… but he is still a little drunk, so dangled around – mumbling and it takes 5 minutes to put on socks.. sooo today its FREE MOCKING on Tonie muhaha:D

Feel a liiiiiitttle sorry for him tho, its super windy outside, raining and its going to be a long shift at work.. But he went anyway!


One of his last evenings before babygirls arrival he can do such things – so i am totally cool with it, its free mocking!

I bet he feels like Homer..



  1. Mutti Said:

    Ha ha….

  2. Klorre Said:

    mohahaha, make some loud noices from me 🙂

    • 1star2minds Said:

      Oh there is free mocking inc when he returns home from work tonight!! No mercy! 😀 😀

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