When throatburn kills.

Throughout this pregnancy ive had a KILLER throatburn. And i really dont like to take any kind of medicine, so ive been drinking lots of water and eaten buns and whatnot to try ease it. BUT lately NOTHING helps… and since im lactose intolerant towards drinking direct milk – i havent been able to use that trick.

Buuut then 2 nights ago it was so horrible i almost gave up and jumped into the sea!! I went to the kitchen and forced half a cup of milk into me…. the pain vanished and i could sleep like a baby!  It was heaven in a glass!

So Tonie went to get me 3 Liters so i have it here incase the killer throatburn comes back.  I will gladly take stomach pain for a few days, just to get a LITTLE peace…


Last night i took a cup of milk with me to bed. After like 5 minutes Nemo jumped up and “sip sip…*lick*..sip sip”…. haha Nemo!!  He normally hates milk, but this was simply too tempting to taste… silly cat:D  After his little tastee, he continued his originally plan of taking over the bed.

Made us laugh a little…so quiet in the room, then all of the sudden “sip sip sip *lick paw* sip sip” haha


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