Pre-celebrating of my birthday

Had invited my granmom, brother mom and dad over for some afternoon coffee and birthday cake arrangements today.  Took forever to make the cakes, as i was testing a million things.  But the end result got pretty ok i think. I especially like the carrot cake and the flowers i made on it.

Got some wonderful gifts too from mom and dad – and all their pets!  I had found a specific type of parasol i really wished for, for our terrace. And they had bought that one for me weee

Thank you momsy and daddsy:D

Now im tired. Spend entire day in the kitchen almost  – first with breakfast for grandmom and brother, then cake creating, lunch for granmom and brother, then guests and then dinner for grandmom and brother.  And inbetween everything i also did the dishes – so tomorrow is branded with me on the sofa with Nemo (maybe some cake?!) the remote control and a bowl of water!

Tonie have been at work all day, so unfortunately he couldnt be home to help me with much – but maybe tonight when he gets off from work, he can help me eat some cake hihi

My pretty carrot cake

Orange frosting on top with homemade flowers (made out of marzipan – took fooorever to make them!)

Moushy, fluffy tasty sweet and lovely carrot cake!

Birthday cake.

Needed a healthy dinner after all that cake today! Salmon salad with homemade dressing on the side.


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