Venus visits the sun

The amazing phenomenon: Venus visits the sun – happened this morning.  It will not happen again in 100 years! Its scheduled (if you can such a thing?) to occur again in December 2117.. 112 years from now:D

Anyway,  stood up at 04.00 and went to the beach around 05.00 with camera and coffee in a cup! Tried to catch it on camera, but somewhere near impossible – the sun is simply too shiny! I tried different modes premade in the cam settings, but it either went blurry or it was too close up etc. But got a few pretty pictures out of it.  The only time you can really see the super tiny dot is with sunglasses.

Just glad Tonie and I  experienced it.

Trying to illustrate how extremely tiny the dot is… (you can click the picture) But as you can see, the sun is too shiny for the camera to focus on such a small area

This image greeted us just as we got there

Took a picture of the moon too



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