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Tonie went out with some guys from work last night – came home around 03.00 or so. I wasnt too awake and from the little we talked, he sounded alright and not too drunk.. BUT that changed hihi.

Around 04.00 he suddenly stood up – walked around the bed, took a hold of our bedsheets and pulled it all over.. scared Nemo away by being too rough “cuddling” him – and i kept ask him “what are you doing???” and he replied “nothing, im just gonna go pee”.. well good luck with that! Haha….

He dangled around super drunk and had to throw up so after 30 minutes of mess – he finally got back into bed and fell asleep…  I was wide awake now of course, so sat at the computer for a while before returning to bed. But Tonie had a DRAGONS breath that nearly made me pass out – so not much sleep!

Woke him up at 10.00 asking if he is going to work – and he was. Started to get ready… but he is still a little drunk, so dangled around – mumbling and it takes 5 minutes to put on socks.. sooo today its FREE MOCKING on Tonie muhaha:D

Feel a liiiiiitttle sorry for him tho, its super windy outside, raining and its going to be a long shift at work.. But he went anyway!


One of his last evenings before babygirls arrival he can do such things – so i am totally cool with it, its free mocking!

I bet he feels like Homer..



Quite some time ago, Tonie spotted this Levis T-shirt in a store and fell in love. But its  pricy so we didnt buy it.   After we got home, we kinda regret it a little… its super pretty!  BUT faith spoke for us when we re-visited the same store this Thursday, and they STILL had the shirt hanging there.  Now its ours!

Also visited a store called Jysk and fell in love with these four pillows – they are super cute for her crib.  25kr each so pretty cheap

Fashion statement with a pair of Levis Jeans under this T-shirt! it just happens to have those brands. Could not care less..

They are very soft and super cute!

Nemo insisted being in the shot…

My poor little Nemse…

Thursday me and Tonie went to the mainland for the last weight scan of our baby. And at the same time we had Nemo with us for his yearly vaccine.  Had called the vet in advance to check if they could watch him a few hours while we drive to the hospital.  Under no circumstance i would leave Nemo in the car while we are away!  Luckily that was no problem for the vet so that was kind of them.

Arrived to the wet around 11.30 and he checked Nemo and everything looked fine, asked if he should clean his teeth while we were away – fine with me, better clean them now than having issues later.

About 30 min later after we left the vet – he called me on my cell.  First of all thats the WORST thing you can ever do haha… unexpected calls from your vet is very very VERY unpleasant!  2nd – he wanted to ask about Nemos broken front tooth (it has been broken since he was 6 month old) Because apparently it was open all the way up to the root and infected.  My heart sank to the floor… what?

The vet lady in sweden that looked at his tooth back in the days, didnt alarm anything regarding it – and Nemo has never ever shown ANY sign whatsoever of being in pain or anything… My poooooor little sweetheart 😦

The vet wanted to remove the tooth with my acceptance. Of course he was allowed!


He got 3 stitches in his mouth where the tooth have been, and he needs to take a few pills for the next 5 days – antibiotica and painkillers.  Argh!  my heart is black of conscience!

Worst part is that he needs to eat wetfood the next couple of days – and he HATES wetfood.. trying to lure almost ANYTHING into him last 2 days but its minimum what he eats:(  Gonna handfeed him if that what it takes.. seems to go easier down his throat if i do that:)

His weight is 5.2kg now (lost 300 gram since his last summer) but with this minimum intake of food i dont dare estimate what it will end on.

I cant give him too many shrimpsies which he loves – because he seems to throw up from them, and i dont wanna risk that right now with his medicine etc.  He hates tuna, mackerel and whatever else you normally lure a cat with. Fish and other raw meat types have little to no interest either.. Salad on the other hand is interesting but there is NO nutrition whatsoever in that haha – Not very easy!

He even squeezed out a little tear as i took the picture… i officially just broke my heart!





When throatburn kills.

Throughout this pregnancy ive had a KILLER throatburn. And i really dont like to take any kind of medicine, so ive been drinking lots of water and eaten buns and whatnot to try ease it. BUT lately NOTHING helps… and since im lactose intolerant towards drinking direct milk – i havent been able to use that trick.

Buuut then 2 nights ago it was so horrible i almost gave up and jumped into the sea!! I went to the kitchen and forced half a cup of milk into me…. the pain vanished and i could sleep like a baby!  It was heaven in a glass!

So Tonie went to get me 3 Liters so i have it here incase the killer throatburn comes back.  I will gladly take stomach pain for a few days, just to get a LITTLE peace…


Last night i took a cup of milk with me to bed. After like 5 minutes Nemo jumped up and “sip sip…*lick*..sip sip”…. haha Nemo!!  He normally hates milk, but this was simply too tempting to taste… silly cat:D  After his little tastee, he continued his originally plan of taking over the bed.

Made us laugh a little…so quiet in the room, then all of the sudden “sip sip sip *lick paw* sip sip” haha

Happy birthday

Turned 29 yesterday… getting closer and closer to 30!  Had a lovely day with Tonie – went out for dinner at “his” restaurant. Good stuff, got soooo full:D Forgot to take a picture of the food tho, got so excited i ninja ate it with greed!

My sis took this photo yesterday of my wonderful niece and nephew.. I LOVE IT thank you so much. Its SO cute haha ❤

Pre-celebrating of my birthday

Had invited my granmom, brother mom and dad over for some afternoon coffee and birthday cake arrangements today.  Took forever to make the cakes, as i was testing a million things.  But the end result got pretty ok i think. I especially like the carrot cake and the flowers i made on it.

Got some wonderful gifts too from mom and dad – and all their pets!  I had found a specific type of parasol i really wished for, for our terrace. And they had bought that one for me weee

Thank you momsy and daddsy:D

Now im tired. Spend entire day in the kitchen almost  – first with breakfast for grandmom and brother, then cake creating, lunch for granmom and brother, then guests and then dinner for grandmom and brother.  And inbetween everything i also did the dishes – so tomorrow is branded with me on the sofa with Nemo (maybe some cake?!) the remote control and a bowl of water!

Tonie have been at work all day, so unfortunately he couldnt be home to help me with much – but maybe tonight when he gets off from work, he can help me eat some cake hihi

My pretty carrot cake

Orange frosting on top with homemade flowers (made out of marzipan – took fooorever to make them!)

Moushy, fluffy tasty sweet and lovely carrot cake!

Birthday cake.

Needed a healthy dinner after all that cake today! Salmon salad with homemade dressing on the side.

A few pictures of the baby pitstop

Also tried to record a video of her practising her kick-boxing – but it just looks like me breathing, so maybe later when i get even bigger..

Week 33

Very round – heard rumors thats a boys pitstop, but lets see. 2 doctors at 2 different scans confirms its a girl!

Funny with cloth on my stomach looks smaller


Venus visits the sun

The amazing phenomenon: Venus visits the sun – happened this morning.  It will not happen again in 100 years! Its scheduled (if you can such a thing?) to occur again in December 2117.. 112 years from now:D

Anyway,  stood up at 04.00 and went to the beach around 05.00 with camera and coffee in a cup! Tried to catch it on camera, but somewhere near impossible – the sun is simply too shiny! I tried different modes premade in the cam settings, but it either went blurry or it was too close up etc. But got a few pretty pictures out of it.  The only time you can really see the super tiny dot is with sunglasses.

Just glad Tonie and I  experienced it.

Trying to illustrate how extremely tiny the dot is… (you can click the picture) But as you can see, the sun is too shiny for the camera to focus on such a small area

This image greeted us just as we got there

Took a picture of the moon too


Happy Birthday Nemo

Our little furry sweetling turns 3 years old today. Celebrating with a real cat meal of course! Think he got very full from eating the lobsters – was struggling getting the last piece down hihi…

3 Lobsters for a 3 year old kitty – Happy birthday Nemo