Lots of pictures of various sorts!

Was browsing thru some old pictures – and i came across this one of Nemo… i laughed my ass off hahah. He is 1½ years old on this photo… and very….. sexy.

Raided my sisters basement for baby clothings hihi. Its SO wonderful 😀

Are you comfy Nemo!?

Have to test the new baby madras of course!

Eva knitted some things for our little baby girl

Eva made me some very pretty pieces of jewelries – thank you for that:D

Tonie bought a few cute pieces of cloth while he was in sweden a while back.

Love to watch him fool around in the garden

Think ive eaten the first 12kg of strawberries already..but LOOK at them, could you resist?!

Nemos boyfriend who frequently comes to visit.

“Hellooo can Nemo come out to play??”

Alright then

Sir cutie at a restaurant yesterday.

Yesterday in the perfect 20 degrees sunshine. Was too hot for Nemo hihi



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  1. kaernevangen Said:

    Nøj mand det ser hyggeligt ud på terassen 🙂
    Hvad sker der lige for Nemse der sidder oveni alt babytøjet og rækker tunge?? Magen til flabet kat 😀

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