Happy 30 year old birthday brother

This Saturday my brother held his 30 year old birthday party.  Had invited a few friends of my parents and my aunt and husband etc. Was 12 people gathered around the dinner table.

It was a great evening, with wonderful food (of course i will mention the food first, i am pregnant afterall!) and funny songs we had to write and a painting we needed to fill in the blanks etc. Was really fun.

Mom and dad had spend the entire day in the kitchen so they where pretty tired – but they had done a really great job and mom had been creative with the table so it was very pretty. My brother loved it all and i know he is very grateful for everything. He also got some great gifts that he can use and we gave him a flight trip like the one Tonie got. To fly over our little island and see it all from above. He was really happy for that.

Bro all dressed up 😀 Happy birthday!

The pretty table

Bro, Anders and dad

One of the funny songs

Mom putting the final touch on the painting

Jytte, Nadia and Bente being creative

The masterpiece - its a fun memory for my brother to have


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