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To make the bed or not to make it…Nemo what do you say?

I think the title says it all….

Im pretty sure i made the bed this morning....and not like this!

I think I have found a suspect...


My sweet boyfriend

Tonie send me a valentines gift – haha its such a sweet gift. I always drag sheets and whatnot into the living room because “im cooold”… this has solved that problem! And its functional!! 😀

Got mine in red - wuuhuuu 😀

Worlds best cook!

Today Tonie tried and tested out his exam meal he is going to cook for his teachers next month. And i can proudly say as a testee that it was AMAZING!

Went to a local fisherman and bought some plaice (In danish its called a Rødspætte) And called for my brother to help show how to filet them into pretty pieces. We had to buy them whole – because at the school Tonie will receive them with fins and head and whatnot, so he needed the practice how to filet it. Anyway! He did all sorts of magic with shrimps, cabbage, asparagus and 3 ways of cooking the plaice’s.  And the result is shown below!

Only did 1 mistake with the steamed fish – was ment to be a roll wherein the asparagus and carrot would lie. BUT next Saturday he is going to try it all over again so he is completely safe when the big day arrives.

It was so delicious! Really good flavoring and colors and yum! (next time the cucumber will be smaller...)

Not the best picture - but was more to show the side of it...prettier in real life!

Happy 30 year old birthday brother

This Saturday my brother held his 30 year old birthday party.  Had invited a few friends of my parents and my aunt and husband etc. Was 12 people gathered around the dinner table.

It was a great evening, with wonderful food (of course i will mention the food first, i am pregnant afterall!) and funny songs we had to write and a painting we needed to fill in the blanks etc. Was really fun.

Mom and dad had spend the entire day in the kitchen so they where pretty tired – but they had done a really great job and mom had been creative with the table so it was very pretty. My brother loved it all and i know he is very grateful for everything. He also got some great gifts that he can use and we gave him a flight trip like the one Tonie got. To fly over our little island and see it all from above. He was really happy for that.

Bro all dressed up 😀 Happy birthday!

The pretty table

Bro, Anders and dad

One of the funny songs

Mom putting the final touch on the painting

Jytte, Nadia and Bente being creative

The masterpiece - its a fun memory for my brother to have