A few updates.

Tonies mother was so kind to makes a pair of gloves and socks for us. They are very warm and soft – thank you for that:D

And Tonie was busy in the kitchen this weekend. We have since we moved in, wanted to get a freezer and a fridge. An oppertunity presented itself so that ment alot of work for Sir Tonie:D (My dad was very sweet and offered some assistance – thank you)  Its not completly done – i need to paint a little and refresh the table top etc. But overall its a very good start and i loooove the extra space it has given us.

And Last Thursday we were at another scan of our precious little baby. That was quite an experience. We could hear the heart beat and saw little twitches that looked like hickups – was very cute. Can see alot already – and we counted 10 fingers and 10 toes and everything looked good and healthy so thats perfect:D

Thank you Eva - its really nice of you to do this for us

Need to build some shelfs of some sort and paint and whatnot - but overall its looovely!

Really looks alot like a sweet litlle baby now ❤





  1. eva Said:

    blir ju mysigt för er. Håller på med nya sockar till jeannette nu så hoppas ja dom passar :9

  2. kaernevangen Said:

    Er VILD med det sidste billede du har lagt ind ❤
    Lyder godt med køkken, altid dejligt med ekstra plads (og lidt projekter måske ;))

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