Library have an outlet – its a dream!!!

Our local library had a sell out on alot of their books. 5kr each or fill a bag for 50kr…. thats like Christmas eve!! Borrowed my brothers car, because i did anticipate i would go a liiiiitle crazy:D

Filled…and i mean FILLED 6 bags for 300kr – and i got tadaaaaa: 110 books!!!! The sale goes on for the rest of the week, til next saturday, so i can see myself visit once or twice more juuuust to check if i missed anything:D

Sooo happy! – and every single book could fit in my bookshelf excactly! Now there is not even room for a piece of paper….

Aaaaallll my preeecious books *Happy*

Looks like a bedsheet..

Think its time to get another bookshelf..somewhere in the apartment hihi



  1. eva Said:

    ja nu har du allt att läsa du får inte glömma att ta promenader så du inte blir sittandes bara. alltid bra att ha när man blir sugen på att läsa.

  2. Mor Said:

    Hooooly shit……


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