Tonies delicious new year eve dinner

Had a lovely evening – nice and quiet with good food and company:D

Sat down at the table at 18.00 – wich lack a little decoration so no picture of that. I neeeeeed 49999999kr to make a pretty table!! (i know the things i want to be able to make it look pretty  – but its costly hihi) Anyway – sat down and had a lovely dinner Tonie made for us.

Started out with a shrimpsie mix of goodies on a piece of roasted toast – Followed by the maincourse wich was pork tenderloin (for my viewers sake – tenderloin is mørbrad or on swedish, fläskfile) with ham wrapped around it and cheese melted on top + roasted carrots and grilled mashed potatoes and a killer good sauce. Dessert was homemade chocolate mousse

Was very tastefull – especially the shrimp stuff and chocolate mousse mmmmhm! 😀

Around 21.30 we went to my moms house for candy/chips and coffee – Tonie and my dad had a little cognac and mom and brother had some whitewine stuff. I had 1 liter of water:D

Got to bed at 01.30 so was a calm new years eve – but very lovely:)


2012 is a year ive been waiting on for a very very long time – 12 is my lucky number and have been since i was a little kid. Im very spirituel so no matter what 2012 will be my year:D


I wish you all a happy new year and i hope 2012 will bring lots of happiness into your lives.

Delicious shrimps! (Tonie had saved a little so i could have 1 more bread with it on today wee)

Lovely dinner - meat was not as expected but everything else was really good

Really rich and tastefull chocolate mousse - just wish i had prettier glasses to present it in


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  1. Mums – ser rigtig godt ud 😀 Næste gang kommer i her og holder nytår ik ik ? (læs: laver mad :D)
    2012 kan også kun blive det skønneste år, tænk sig – du blir MOR!! <3<3 (og jeg blir moster – MEGET vigtig detalje!)

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