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The first scan of our baby

It didnt go as well as i had hoped. They couldnt really see much nomatter what they did. And they said im only around 5 weeks pregnant. (thats why they cant see much) – so im scheduled to a new scan in 2 weeks:)


But i got a little picture - the black dot is where our baby is kept safe - too small to actually see it yet tho


One more member…

Monday and Tuesday this week i had these 8 tests to prove IM PREGNANT!

We have so many tears of joy right now – cant really believe it yet- its so amazing 😀

First scan is on Tuesday 11.40 – to see how many weeks ive been pregnant. The doctor think im about 7-8 weeks.


To laundry or not to laundry

To laundry or not to laundry is a big question in this household!

According to me when drying our big sheets

According to Nemo...