Last night around 00.10 i wanted to go to bed.. sat down in the sofa for 2 seconds to see the last of some show i have already forgot all about. Nemo jumped up in my lap and purred like crazy.. all of a sudden he ninja flipped jumped down on the floor and in jet speed flew over to the corner of the room and starred into the ceiling. I looked up and to my HORROR a freaking mouse tale stuck out from a ventilation thing…. my heart must have skipped a few beats! I sqeezed the tv controller so hard i nearly broke it.  After a few minutes i could see the ventilation move and then a few mouse feets stuck out.. aaaaaaaaaaaargh.

Nemo had the biggest and blackest eyes in history – ready to hunt for his mommy..uuuuh – i went into the bedroom to go to bed, but i was still terrified.. what if a mouse decides to enter the living room completly and then jump down on the floor and aaaaaaargh… anyway – we have a ventilater in EVERY room ofc – including one in the bedroom…so i didnt sleep more than maybe 2 loose hours the entire night – kept waking up and had to check all the vents if there was movements.. Nemo didnt sleep much either…

Called the landlord this morning – he is arriving in an hour or so to fix this problem.. if he cant fix it today me and Nemo are moving to moms tonight!

Spite their cuteness..i rather live without them!!


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  1. Eva Jansson Said:

    Va kul med besök 🙂

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