Up in the sky so mighty high weee

Its a beautiful day today so i called Alex who has an aircraft to ask if he had time to fly with me and Tonie today. And we agreed to go at 12.30.. had alot of butterflies in my stomach – none of us have ever flied with such a small aircraft and it was all every exciting. I took 118 pictures and 5 movies hihi.

It was really amazing to try and not scary at all – got a bit bumpy at places because of the wind and my stomach started to get a little airsick, but got it under control so was a really fine trip. Tonie i think was the one that was most anxcies about it – but Alex the pilot is a really good pilot, so he flew very calm and steady.

The flight was one of my birthday gifts for Tonie – Happy birthday hunny

Link to pictures tonie took:  https://picasaweb.google.com/117241639101785080252/FlygturSep92011?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCMLNu9qQjc2WCA&feat=directlink

Where we live 😀

Mom and dad waving at us 😀


Cute little craft

Making jokes about staying on ground - didnt work!


Alex our pilot - very nice guy

Building up courage:D

Østerby harbour

The waters looks cool from the air - so many shades. and if you click the photo you can see our aircrafts shadow:D

Getting close to rosenlund - mom and dad


Another aircraft was in the air - flew in formation with them was very cool

Trees looks like tiny little bushes hihi


Where they make salt - quite a big area didnt know that, but you get a complete different perspective from the air

Looks like we are out of space looking down at earth - so cool!



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  1. Skønne skønne billeder – ser virkelig smukt og specielt ud 🙂

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