Tonies Birthday

Yesterday Tonie had the pleasure of becoming a full time member of the adult society! He turned 30 wup wup!! The morning started with opening a few thats not right.. the morning started with coffee! And then presents! I had booked a time with a pilot for 13.00 but it was raining like crazy so had to call and cancel for now. Ive given Tonie a flight over Læsø in birthday present. Its suppose to be a really awesome experience to try and see it all from above:)

Then we had a few furnitures to collect from Ikea and then shopped a little. Mom stopped by for some coffee and to give tonie a few presents:)

Booked a table at Havnebakken at 19.00 – Tonies new workplace from next year. It was a lovely dinner and when we went up to the counter to pay for it all, Claus (the owner) said that we shouldn´t worry about the bill, it was a birthday present from them – thaaaank you:D

Tonie also recieved money from all of his family and a little from mine –  And they are already well spend hihi – Ikea is dangerous!

New apple super thin keyboard

Samsung Galaxy s 2

My awesome poet skills - The flight gift for tonie

Funny t-shirt

Levis Hat

Levis belt

From my mom and dad - a chicken holder for our precious weber grill

At Havnebakken - in his new fancy Levis t-shirt



  1. eva Said:

    stor öl o liten tallrik ska han dricka sej mätt 🙂

  2. Lone Ramtung Said:

    Endnu engang tillykke med fødselsdagen.

    ” a few presents” and ” a little money” ? ???

    Næste år nøjes vi med at købe en buket blomster !

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