The trip to Ikea

Was a loooong day this monday when Tonie and I went to Ikea on the mainland. We had the trailer with us so took a while to hit Aalborg where Ikea is.  We bought a really nice Sofa with chaiselong, 3 carpets, 2 lamps, 3 bookshelfs, thingy for the wall the TV can hang on, 3 paintings, cutting board, A thinghy to screw into a table and then the cables etc hang on it, instead of lying on the floor – and alot of other things! On our way home we stopped at a store called Bilka – Tonie bought some shoes that shoo-aholic!

Now, its only the bedroom thats done – we are still lacking a dinner table and a sofa table and 4 shelfs for the living room – but there car and trailer was FILLED so dad have to pick that up for us next week:D

Therefor im only gonna show you the room thats done:D

349kr - was very cheap!

A packed trailer and a tired tonie:D

This is how it looks when all boxes have been opened... the entire room was FILLED...Nemo loved it.

Green carpet is new and so is the lamp - picture taken from the hallway

Picture taken from the backwall to give you a view of every corner - build in green closets kinda set the theme in the bedroom

Our 3 new paintings -i like its simplicity

My precious books is finally unpacked wee



  1. eva Said:

    Va fint det blev ska bli roligt att se vardagsrummet sen 🙂

  2. 1star2minds Said:

    tak. Ja det skal også nok blive fint:D

  3. Lone Ramtung Said:

    Ihhh hvor er det blevet fint i soveværelset.
    Et grønt sengetæppe en en grøn plante ( kunstig !, Nemo) i vindueskarmen vil også være fint.
    Ser godt ud med bogreolen.
    Fine sko til Mr. Tonie

  4. Ser rigtig godt ud søde, er særligt vild med den bogreol, vilt flot!! 🙂 Hihi stuen med alle kasserne 😀

  5. Swiit Said:

    fint 🙂

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