Family visit

Tonies father and younger brother Mikael came to visit this weekend. Came Friday night at 19ish – had dinner at Bent´s and then we had a drink at “the divaen”. They have had a very long day. Got up around 4 in the morning to drive to Gøteborg then with the boat to Frederikshavn. Spend a few hours there before taking the boat to Læsø, So didnt stay there all night – drove home around 22.00 i think.

Saturday morning started with insanely heavy rain and thunder. Lots of lightening was a bit scary..!  My brother had kindly given Tonie dad and brother shelter for the weekend:) He also lend us his car, so that was nice of him:D  After a lovely breakfast i had to go to work and they all followed me there – mom had some coffee ready and dad a whiskey! Drove home to us to relax a little and chat and such – had dinner resevations at “Marina Park” at 19.00

Was a nice dinner – good view and service. Got very full atleast:D  Drove home to have a cup of coffee and then tv a little bit – think there was a Clint Eastwood movie on or something – I was a little busy prepping our Ikea trip tomorrow (wich by the way have given me a million happy little butterflies in my stomach:D weee)

So all in all – its been a very lovely weekend, thank you for the visit Dan and Mikael was nice of you to come:D

Øffe the doggie greeting Dan at "The Divaen"

Free drinks and a doggie + a drunk guy playing guitar singing Kim Larsson songs wuhu! 😀

At Marina Park


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