Mainland tripzy

Tonie had the day off today so we took the 9.40 boat to the mainland for some shopping.. Mostly some more books for me:D Føtex ( a super store) have had an outsale on some really great books that i want, so ninjaed all they had! 60kr for each book and in my haste ive accidently taken the same book twice..bleh, but its only 60kr and i cant change it back. So anyone interested in number 4 out of a series of danish? hihi

Bought some funny socks for tonie and a lamp for our living room. Been drooling over the lamp for a long time, and today i had the courage to actually buy it wee:D And some shoes…but lets not get too much into that as its no big deal..its not like i have 25 ofter pairs in the closet.

myyy precious darlings - 18 books since thursday and ive already read 5 of them - not kidding!

im NOT a shoo-aholic..but i couldnt live without these, and they only costed 50kr NOT a shoo-aholic!

Funny socks:D

Looks like spiderweb on the picture looks alot cooler in real life!



  1. eva Said:

    ha det är du o Frida skoooooooooor fina strumpor te Totte lampan såg nästan ut som den vi har oj va mycke böcker är dom bra? Kram Eva

  2. 1star2minds Said:

    HIhi ja elsker sko:D Ja det er nogle rigtig gode bøger synes jeg. Kan slet ikke holde op med at læse:D

  3. Lækre sko søde, og skøn lampe 😀 Kan lige se dig sidde med næsen nede i en bog konstant 😉

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