A quick little trip

Browsing the internet yesterday made me discover that a store on the mainland called Føtex, was selling some books ive been drooling over for a while, just been too expensive for me to buy – but here they where for 60kr each! And a travel bag for from dunlop in leather that tonie is gonna need for all his traveling, also very cheap:)

Sooo took the boat this morning and rushed to the store to get my precious things – rushed back to the boat and home. Started to read a little on the boat and is now done with one of them already hihi

The books are:

Fallen: About fallen angels and their earthly battle and cursed love

The vampire diaries: About two vampires that loves the same girl and all their drama – Also known from television (seen all seasons, and soon a new one coming wee)

Hush Hush – about a girl and a guardian angel who is cursed. they fall in love but it has its price.

Normal price for 1 book is 199kr - but i found them on outsale for just 60kr each! wuhuu

350kr where normal price is 799 - cant let that offer go!

Was reading in bed when nemo decided to join me... under the sheets ofc.



  1. Skøøøøønt med gode tilbud – og gode bøger, er næsten ikk noget bedre end at fordybe sig i sådan en 🙂
    Syyynd med din latte – min smagte fantastisk!! :D:D:D

  2. 1star2minds Said:

    Ja det er skønt – er igang med den 4 bog nu. Er SÅ sjældent jeg har nok ro til at jeg kan fordybe mig. Men er lige i en bølge så det er fantastisk skønt.

    Altså jeg vil OGSÅ have latte!! Køber noget mælk i morgen (ikke noget vi normalt har hjemme) og så skal tonie lave latte ud af hele literen!!

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