My super aunt

Got home yesterday evening at 22.00 after spending the weekend with my aunt and her husband Anders in their insanely new big house. It has been some really great days – we have been in the garden talking for hours, played with fie in the dog forest and been to the beach to gather sea shells. Eaten fish and monkey food..not together tho haha. Monkey food is a bowl filled with lots of fruit pieces mixed with chocolate pieces and you pour over some vanilla creame – its sooo good and such a sugar bomb:D Been a nice little vacation – with loads of great food and candy:D

Balcony behind me in this picture with a lovely view - and in the picture you can see a mini bar. hard to show on a picture but it was very smart

The kitchen thats allergic to water cause to wood is so fragile haha..annoying!

Looove this sofa

Living room - cant capture all of it

Where we spend most of our time played dice and eat candy:D


My aunt Hanne and little Miss Fie

Cant even capture all of the house and outhouse and whatnot its so big

Miss Fie

My pretty seashells


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