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The trip to Ikea

Was a loooong day this monday when Tonie and I went to Ikea on the mainland. We had the trailer with us so took a while to hit Aalborg where Ikea is.  We bought a really nice Sofa with chaiselong, 3 carpets, 2 lamps, 3 bookshelfs, thingy for the wall the TV can hang on, 3 paintings, cutting board, A thinghy to screw into a table and then the cables etc hang on it, instead of lying on the floor – and alot of other things! On our way home we stopped at a store called Bilka – Tonie bought some shoes that shoo-aholic!

Now, its only the bedroom thats done – we are still lacking a dinner table and a sofa table and 4 shelfs for the living room – but there car and trailer was FILLED so dad have to pick that up for us next week:D

Therefor im only gonna show you the room thats done:D

349kr - was very cheap!

A packed trailer and a tired tonie:D

This is how it looks when all boxes have been opened... the entire room was FILLED...Nemo loved it.

Green carpet is new and so is the lamp - picture taken from the hallway

Picture taken from the backwall to give you a view of every corner - build in green closets kinda set the theme in the bedroom

Our 3 new paintings -i like its simplicity

My precious books is finally unpacked wee


Family visit

Tonies father and younger brother Mikael came to visit this weekend. Came Friday night at 19ish – had dinner at Bent´s and then we had a drink at “the divaen”. They have had a very long day. Got up around 4 in the morning to drive to Gøteborg then with the boat to Frederikshavn. Spend a few hours there before taking the boat to Læsø, So didnt stay there all night – drove home around 22.00 i think.

Saturday morning started with insanely heavy rain and thunder. Lots of lightening was a bit scary..!  My brother had kindly given Tonie dad and brother shelter for the weekend:) He also lend us his car, so that was nice of him:D  After a lovely breakfast i had to go to work and they all followed me there – mom had some coffee ready and dad a whiskey! Drove home to us to relax a little and chat and such – had dinner resevations at “Marina Park” at 19.00

Was a nice dinner – good view and service. Got very full atleast:D  Drove home to have a cup of coffee and then tv a little bit – think there was a Clint Eastwood movie on or something – I was a little busy prepping our Ikea trip tomorrow (wich by the way have given me a million happy little butterflies in my stomach:D weee)

So all in all – its been a very lovely weekend, thank you for the visit Dan and Mikael was nice of you to come:D

Øffe the doggie greeting Dan at "The Divaen"

Free drinks and a doggie + a drunk guy playing guitar singing Kim Larsson songs wuhu! 😀

At Marina Park

Mainland tripzy

Tonie had the day off today so we took the 9.40 boat to the mainland for some shopping.. Mostly some more books for me:D Føtex ( a super store) have had an outsale on some really great books that i want, so ninjaed all they had! 60kr for each book and in my haste ive accidently taken the same book twice..bleh, but its only 60kr and i cant change it back. So anyone interested in number 4 out of a series of danish? hihi

Bought some funny socks for tonie and a lamp for our living room. Been drooling over the lamp for a long time, and today i had the courage to actually buy it wee:D And some shoes…but lets not get too much into that as its no big deal..its not like i have 25 ofter pairs in the closet.

myyy precious darlings - 18 books since thursday and ive already read 5 of them - not kidding!

im NOT a shoo-aholic..but i couldnt live without these, and they only costed 50kr NOT a shoo-aholic!

Funny socks:D

Looks like spiderweb on the picture looks alot cooler in real life!

A quick little trip

Browsing the internet yesterday made me discover that a store on the mainland called Føtex, was selling some books ive been drooling over for a while, just been too expensive for me to buy – but here they where for 60kr each! And a travel bag for from dunlop in leather that tonie is gonna need for all his traveling, also very cheap:)

Sooo took the boat this morning and rushed to the store to get my precious things – rushed back to the boat and home. Started to read a little on the boat and is now done with one of them already hihi

The books are:

Fallen: About fallen angels and their earthly battle and cursed love

The vampire diaries: About two vampires that loves the same girl and all their drama – Also known from television (seen all seasons, and soon a new one coming wee)

Hush Hush – about a girl and a guardian angel who is cursed. they fall in love but it has its price.

Normal price for 1 book is 199kr - but i found them on outsale for just 60kr each! wuhuu

350kr where normal price is 799 - cant let that offer go!

Was reading in bed when nemo decided to join me... under the sheets ofc.

Been a very busy weekend phew

A million things took place this weekend. New washing machine (Finally!!) new “bike” for Tonie. Grandma + little sister came to visit, along with big sister and husband and kids – and we were all going to the lobster festival.

Took us 1½ month to get the washing machine and right now its running its first test run in the bathroom – sooo happy we have it, really cant live without it.

Tonie got a moped from my brother that he never uses, so now it only takes 10 minutes to work, over the usual 25 minutes with bike so he is happy too:D

Was a little too much for me at the lobster festival – i hate that its so clouded with people every where…. its frustrating really because it was a lovely weather and good company, and yet i cant enjoy it – just keep thinking “let me out of here aaaargh”…. anyway was nice to spend some time with my sisters and grandma:)

Now im gonna go spend some quality time infront of the washing machine with some coffee and Nemo wuhu 😀

My little sister Mia and big brother

My grandma

My lovely sister and her husband

Had to see the raccoons in moms garden:D

The two darlings took the festival with calmness and peace

The new moped and tonie with his hot helmet on hihi

Love at first sight




My super aunt

Got home yesterday evening at 22.00 after spending the weekend with my aunt and her husband Anders in their insanely new big house. It has been some really great days – we have been in the garden talking for hours, played with fie in the dog forest and been to the beach to gather sea shells. Eaten fish and monkey food..not together tho haha. Monkey food is a bowl filled with lots of fruit pieces mixed with chocolate pieces and you pour over some vanilla creame – its sooo good and such a sugar bomb:D Been a nice little vacation – with loads of great food and candy:D

Balcony behind me in this picture with a lovely view - and in the picture you can see a mini bar. hard to show on a picture but it was very smart

The kitchen thats allergic to water cause to wood is so fragile haha..annoying!

Looove this sofa

Living room - cant capture all of it

Where we spend most of our time played dice and eat candy:D


My aunt Hanne and little Miss Fie

Cant even capture all of the house and outhouse and whatnot its so big

Miss Fie

My pretty seashells