My sisters wedding

Yesterday was a big day for my sister and brother in law – they where getting married weeee:D Tonie and i took the boat 09.40 to frederikshavn where my brother waited for us in his car.. as we approached the car my brother looked rather panicked – the car wouldnt start argh! Had to call an Auto-help service to come ignite the battery for us. took 1½ second for the guy to fix the problem then we finally could be on our way to the party.

Was a very nice party – luckily the promised rain stayed away and it was a mix of grey weather and sunshine so could be in the garden and the garden tent they have set up. Sofie and Benjamin took it rather nicely that there where so many people –  had them at the table a few times and Benjamin seemed most interested in sucking on my sisters hands than all the people hihi – Sofie was busy flirting with another boy there named Victor and some toys.

The food was amazing and im pretty sure we all visited the buffet twice:D

Sofie having fun at the table charming everyone:D

Victor having fun

Sofie and Victor

Little benjamin needed a hat to shield for the bright shining light there was in the tent

I love the salad part..overfload of wonderful things

My pretty sister and martin unwrapping all the presents

Men in black

Really glad the weather allowed us to sit here

Roasted piggy


The good stuff

Mom and dad

Mr Groom


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  1. kaernevangen Said:

    Dejlige billeder, tak moster søs 🙂

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