Summer vacation

A lovely week have just passed as Tonies mom, roger, frida, henke and michael have been to visit. They came last Monday and had the long travel back yesterday. They stayed at my brothers house, who kindly lend it out to us once again for holiday visits 😀

We have been all around our little paradise island every day to see things and our 2 harbors from wich most activities takes place. The weather have been so and so – been cloudy up til 13.00 or so every day then super sunshine for the rest. except friday – was rain all day buhu.

Had to say goodbye to our beloved car *tears* not allowed to have in denmark anymore unless we wanted to change the registration here – but that cost like 1 million kr. no way we can afford it, so they took the car with them to try and sell back in sweden.. it have served us good and it will be missed dearly:(

Tonie the BBQ master have showed his skills all week with my brothers grill hihi – its been some lovely food we have gotten served. Not much leftovers!

Visited the salt makery place

Frida and henke in the watchtower

Roger went up there too


Visitied an animal farm witch also produce candles and organic food

Frida found a cuddly doggie

Not sure what type of bird this was - think it was a turkey

Cute little ducklings

Doggie was watching the rabbit hole very closely haha

Kiiiittteeennns *melt*

Funny goat:D

Enjoying the weather with beer and slushice

Frida and Øffe the pug

Goodbye sweet car


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  1. eva Said:

    Det var en underbar vecka och man fick sova utan att nån katt trampa på en skönt må ja säga .Saknar er redan må så gött kram Eva

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