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The pontus visit

Or better known as Neals has come to visit us this weekend so thats nice. Too bad im leaving today to stay at my aunt for a few days to see their new house, so cant spend alot of time with him. Tonie got the day off from work so once they wake up (they got to bed at 03.30 last night) they will explore our little island.  I have to go to work in 2 hours then home to pack and then with my aunt home. Next year he will bring his girlfriend and then we all go to Legoland:D

Had a few drinks last night at a place called Divaen

Øffe the bartenders dog was cuddly:D

Was a pretty sunset


A light for norway

My sympathy and thoughts goes to everyone involved in the norway shootings, may they find peace and comfort quickly

Rest in peace

Little Bea

My sisters beautiful little doggie has passed away:( Ive known the little fur-ball since she was a tiny puppy.. But the past few month she has gotten more and more sick and today my sister and my brother in law took the hard decision of letting her get some peace.

Its so sad i already miss her so much – she was our little highlight for so many years:(


Rest in peace my little beanaice (her cute little nickname)

Will never forget her pretty dark and warm eyes

My sisters wedding

Yesterday was a big day for my sister and brother in law – they where getting married weeee:D Tonie and i took the boat 09.40 to frederikshavn where my brother waited for us in his car.. as we approached the car my brother looked rather panicked – the car wouldnt start argh! Had to call an Auto-help service to come ignite the battery for us. took 1½ second for the guy to fix the problem then we finally could be on our way to the party.

Was a very nice party – luckily the promised rain stayed away and it was a mix of grey weather and sunshine so could be in the garden and the garden tent they have set up. Sofie and Benjamin took it rather nicely that there where so many people –  had them at the table a few times and Benjamin seemed most interested in sucking on my sisters hands than all the people hihi – Sofie was busy flirting with another boy there named Victor and some toys.

The food was amazing and im pretty sure we all visited the buffet twice:D

Sofie having fun at the table charming everyone:D

Victor having fun

Sofie and Victor

Little benjamin needed a hat to shield for the bright shining light there was in the tent

I love the salad part..overfload of wonderful things

My pretty sister and martin unwrapping all the presents

Men in black

Really glad the weather allowed us to sit here

Roasted piggy


The good stuff

Mom and dad

Mr Groom

Sir Rabbit

Wondered why Nemo was being so quiet so went in to check on him – It was Sir Rabbit sitting right outside our bedroom window eating

Think we have a nest around this area - we see so many of them

Nemo followed every single fiber moving

Harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2

Yesterday Tonie and i went to the cinemas to watch harry potter and the deathly hallows part two. An end of an era is what it is – very good movie and you get a good closure of all the things that has happend from the first part of the movie.

Had a good ending aswell

Summer vacation

A lovely week have just passed as Tonies mom, roger, frida, henke and michael have been to visit. They came last Monday and had the long travel back yesterday. They stayed at my brothers house, who kindly lend it out to us once again for holiday visits 😀

We have been all around our little paradise island every day to see things and our 2 harbors from wich most activities takes place. The weather have been so and so – been cloudy up til 13.00 or so every day then super sunshine for the rest. except friday – was rain all day buhu.

Had to say goodbye to our beloved car *tears* not allowed to have in denmark anymore unless we wanted to change the registration here – but that cost like 1 million kr. no way we can afford it, so they took the car with them to try and sell back in sweden.. it have served us good and it will be missed dearly:(

Tonie the BBQ master have showed his skills all week with my brothers grill hihi – its been some lovely food we have gotten served. Not much leftovers!

Visited the salt makery place

Frida and henke in the watchtower

Roger went up there too


Visitied an animal farm witch also produce candles and organic food

Frida found a cuddly doggie

Not sure what type of bird this was - think it was a turkey

Cute little ducklings

Doggie was watching the rabbit hole very closely haha

Kiiiittteeennns *melt*

Funny goat:D

Enjoying the weather with beer and slushice

Frida and Øffe the pug

Goodbye sweet car