Summer party and a fat cat!

Got invited to a summer party by some friends of my parents. A party they host every year – Had a pretty fire and we sang a song together.  Got cold around 21.30 tho so had to pull out blankets.  But was really nice – had a little BBQ and some rosé vine and such. Tonie had to work unfortunately so he couldn’t attend.

And today at 10.00 Nemo had an appointment with the vet. Time for his yearly vaccine shot. She looked him through and he was a fine cat, tho a bit on the heavy side on the scale haha.. but he is not overeating or given bad food – its too nutritious the food he gets. he cant burn off all that during day. So we should give him some different food for a while and it will be fine again – he is still growing too just the wrong way hihi. His weight is 5.5kg and should be 4.8ish so guess we both are on a diet now!!

Starting up the fire

Pretty fire

Singing a song

Luckily you cant see that he is fat - he just looks fluffy with all that fur 😀


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