My lovely birthday

Started the day with hangovers haha.. day before we had visited a bar thats connected to tonies work and had a few drinks. Stomach and head was in need of some aspirin! Didnt do much until around lunch time where we had some pizza to nurture our hangovers:D Then we walked to the bus so we could get down to tonies work and pick up our car we left during night. Drove to the beach and spend some time in the water – was really nice weather all day. Back home we rested a little, got dressed and drove back to the beach to spend some time before our dinner reservations.

At the restaurant we got served some really good food – first course was fish with mayonnaisedip wich was really really good. Main course was porched oxemeat with root vegetables and potatoes sooo good meat. For dessert we walked to tonies workplace and got an icecream.

Drove home and watched a show on tv.. brother showed up with a gift for me. 450kr for a 2ndhand store here on the island that i love wuuuuhuu thank you bro!

Had a very good day 🙂

The water was very nice!


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