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Summer party and a fat cat!

Got invited to a summer party by some friends of my parents. A party they host every year – Had a pretty fire and we sang a song together.  Got cold around 21.30 tho so had to pull out blankets.  But was really nice – had a little BBQ and some rosé vine and such. Tonie had to work unfortunately so he couldn’t attend.

And today at 10.00 Nemo had an appointment with the vet. Time for his yearly vaccine shot. She looked him through and he was a fine cat, tho a bit on the heavy side on the scale haha.. but he is not overeating or given bad food – its too nutritious the food he gets. he cant burn off all that during day. So we should give him some different food for a while and it will be fine again – he is still growing too just the wrong way hihi. His weight is 5.5kg and should be 4.8ish so guess we both are on a diet now!!

Starting up the fire

Pretty fire

Singing a song

Luckily you cant see that he is fat - he just looks fluffy with all that fur 😀



Just spend 30 minutes in the gym for the first time in a long while… that was tough, thought i was in better condition but apparently not! Anyway today was the first step in my goal of loosing all this extra weight ive gained.  30 minutes was all for today tho – had 2 other people there stealing my equipment i needed to use – and i died after bicycling OMG im complaining and giving excuses already.. yeah this will end great haha! Goal is 1 hour from thursday (im on the mainland tomorrow so no gym there) Must…work…hard

Maybe i should start running too once im in better shape - heard that should be awesome

One happy doggie

Went to the beach today with moms doggie Chanel. Was a little cloudy and a little windy, but warm enough to be outside for a while. Was a lovely trip we shared:D

Smiiile to the camera

Pretty picture with a pretty model!

My lovely birthday

Started the day with hangovers haha.. day before we had visited a bar thats connected to tonies work and had a few drinks. Stomach and head was in need of some aspirin! Didnt do much until around lunch time where we had some pizza to nurture our hangovers:D Then we walked to the bus so we could get down to tonies work and pick up our car we left during night. Drove to the beach and spend some time in the water – was really nice weather all day. Back home we rested a little, got dressed and drove back to the beach to spend some time before our dinner reservations.

At the restaurant we got served some really good food – first course was fish with mayonnaisedip wich was really really good. Main course was porched oxemeat with root vegetables and potatoes sooo good meat. For dessert we walked to tonies workplace and got an icecream.

Drove home and watched a show on tv.. brother showed up with a gift for me. 450kr for a 2ndhand store here on the island that i love wuuuuhuu thank you bro!

Had a very good day 🙂

The water was very nice!

Birthday lunch

Went to mom for a little birthday lunch she threw for me. (birthday is not until tomorrow tho – just held it today) Had a really great pie with some ham on the side. And i got some nice presents:D A vacuum cleaner thats handheld – really perfect to vacuum nemo hihi. and a Weber grill starter + 100kr gift certificate for our local super marked- And a soap that smells sooo good. Im very happy so thank you mom and dad.

The pretty flower pie 😀

For meeeee

The handheld vacuum cleaner

The perfect grill starter

Gift certificate

It smells really good

Nemo fancied the box the grill starter came in



Only took 1 million years before we finally got our internet + tv package! Was originally set for tomorrow but the nice cable guy called and asked if i was home today cause then he could swing by and fix it for me. Just wish he would have called a month ago instead….sigh.  but enough complaining! Have net now and we are happy 😀

Will be nice to be able to watch tv again - miss my animal planet, mtv and discovery alot!

Awesome dinner!

Tonie came home from work yesterday with a delicious dinner! The restaurent thats connected to Tonies work place sometimes comes down with “leftovers” and yesterday it was spareribs.. so many that he could bring some home + a bottle of wine from the fridge.  And to top it all it was the best spareribs we have ever tasted in our life.. the meat just fell off the bones and it was so tender and well made it was amazing.

We maneged to eat them all before i remembered to take a picture….sigh – but can give you a shot of how it looked when we where done!

It was a mess to sit with 😀

Soooo good

X men first class


Tonie ruuushed home from work yesterday at 20.00 so we could go to the movies and watch the new X men first class. Was a cool movie nothing spectacular but had some really sweet effects. And fun to see how “it all started”

"Mutant and proud of it"


Went with my brother to Tonies work yesterday. Just for some coffee and card games with bro – was very fun as he can do alot of card tricks and i cant see thru them!! played a game called 21 too and i had some lucky hands wuuhuu.  Weather was lovely can really feel summer is comming.

Was a nice afternoon