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Sir Rabbit

A little Sir Rabbit came to visit yesterday… Seems there is a family around our home somewhere, cause we have seen alot of them lately. Yesterday it was 2 rabbits running together but didnt manege to find the camera quick enough.  Nemo looks funny in his face when he sees them haha..super big eyes and not a muscle moves on him

Sir Rabbit

Such a cutie


Pirates of the caribbean 4

Tonie and I wanted to see the new pirates yesterday – went to the moviehall and stood in que for 5 minutes while waiting for the cashier… nothing happen until some dude came out saying there is no movie today but a meeting about some guy and his life..  say what?! grrr and of course it was the last day it was running there, so no pirate movie for us…………ugh!

Have to wait til its out on dvd...

The baptism of Sofie and Benjamin

Sunday we all got up super early and took the 06.00 boat to participate in my niece and nephews baptism. We were a little early so we had to drive home to my sister first, before the church – Poor little sweet Sofie was a little sick, think it was a small cold she had.

Drove to the church at 10.00 and settled in for the ceremony that started at 10.30.  The baptism went really well – both kids took it with somewhat peace and didnt say much when they got water poured over their heads. They look adoooorable in their little dresses – really cute! And sofie had the cutest little hat on haha… very sweet.

After the ceremony we drove to a place in Hirtshals for lunch and coffee. The tables where neatly decorated and they had made some very cute name cards for our sitting spots. The food was really amazing and it came in overwhelming amount! So much good stuff – got really full! Cake table was amazing too.. so even me being on a diet had to try a few pieces of the delicious strawberry pie yum!

Because we had a boat to catch we had to drive a little early from the party – had to go already at 15.30 sadly.

Thank you for a great day

Baptism of Benjamin

Baptism of Sofie

Little sofie with her cute little hat

Happy parents:D

The granparents

The legal guardians

The table setup neatly decorated

Cake table...yum

Gift table

Martin had the duty of opening all the presents

Our gift to the 2 little darlings - twin books with a personalized bedtime story

The cute name cards

Another wonderful grilled meal

Cant get enough of our new grill – yesterday we tried to bbq some mushrooms.. they where suuuuper good! And our impulse-need-more-beer shopping lead to 2x garlic bread aswell, so of course they needed to be grilled too! Both of us where soo full we didnt have room for salty sticks later that evening haha

On another food note – im slight lactose intolerant and whenever i feel the need to digest cold milky products, ive come across these wonder pill that make me able to eat it without getting super stomach pain. The downside is that they are a tad expensive here in denmark so need one from sweden to ship it to me instead…lots of hassle i know but its a PAIN not having those pills around!

Tonie is really good around the grill - super maestro!

So so so good:D

Wonder pills!

Summer day

Spend the afternoon on the terrace. Bathed in sun was really nice.  Nemo whined and whined til i got his leech and took him outside with us. After 10 minutes or something i put him inside again just to start a new whine concert…sigh. Both tonie and i got some color weee. Had a grilled chicken with potatoes and carrots was super nice! Thank you dad for lending us the chicken holder – works perfect:D

Yum yum!

Was fun having Nemo out with us - chasing flies and whatnot, he really loved it

Something smells so good you have to hide in it?...