The joy of internet

So a company here in dk called TDC have this great offer where you can get television, internet and phone in 1 package solution for a decent prize every month. Downside is they “cant” deliver it until the……waaait for it………. 9TH OF JUNE!

Been calling them twice now asking if there is nothing they can do – i mean come on! They seriously wants us to wait 1½ month to get their service – I dont think so! But not much we can do but wait.. bleh its so annoying. Would think its year 1998 not 2011!

Have my computer at moms for now – so can still update blog and such, just…argh!



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  1. eva Said:

    Ja det är ju tur så man vet hur ni mår och vad ni håller på mä 🙂 kram

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