The new apartment

A few pictures of the apartment as it is now. Small and cozy (75m2) Finally our own place – its really missed, tho we appreciate mom and dad plus bro for putting up with us and Sir-make-alot-noise for severel months:) Thank you!

Tonie and i moved most of our stuff yesterday – took us a few hours of hard work (read: Tonie did alot of lifting while i was whining my back hurt..) But we got very far in the plans so thats nice. Today we took a unpack-stuff day cause it was raining some – didnt wanna move the last pieces in that weather..

Our livingroom - any volunteers for unpacking??

And there is access to a terasse - love the big windows!

First door leads to the hallway, 2nd leeds to guestroom/office. Picture taken in the livingroom

Bathroom - shower behind the door

Build-in cabins - really sweet

Guestroom/office - big enough to hold a bed so thats nice

Nemo inspecting the bedroom

With bed assembled

Build-in cabins in the bedroom..sooo nice! Gonna paint doors white tho



  1. eva Said:

    va fresht o fint 🙂

  2. kaernevangen Said:

    Ser rigtig godt ud, glæder mig til at komme og besøge jer – er DØDmisundelig pÃ¥ den terasseudgang der!

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