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The beach

Tonie just had two days off from work – Have been very nice and we have for sure enjoyed them. Been at the beach, grilled gotten things fixed and watched some of our favorite shows etc. Been nice to have him around all day.

Visited a beach called Danzigmann - its huge! Stretches a few km.

We have been lucky with the weather too:)


Racoon chills

Moms racoons where chilling in the shadow – looked so cute 😀


A little chobby!

The joy of internet

So a company here in dk called TDC have this great offer where you can get television, internet and phone in 1 package solution for a decent prize every month. Downside is they “cant” deliver it until the……waaait for it………. 9TH OF JUNE!

Been calling them twice now asking if there is nothing they can do – i mean come on! They seriously wants us to wait 1½ month to get their service – I dont think so! But not much we can do but wait.. bleh its so annoying. Would think its year 1998 not 2011!

Have my computer at moms for now – so can still update blog and such, just…argh!


A fine dinner

Had to test our new grill – A loooovely dinner came out of it:D

The grill chef!

Was very tasteful to watch!

Peper fruit, beef, potatoes from the oven and some sauce - was good!

The weber

Mom and dad gave us a moving-in present. An awesome Weber grill! Was funny because Tonie and I had just talked about saving up a little so we could buy a cool grill – drove home to mom and she says that they will gladly sponsor one wuhuu:)

Assembling the Weber grill

Our temporary Nasa equipment setup...

Picture taken from the backside - our fine terrasse

Our new home from the front

The new apartment

A few pictures of the apartment as it is now. Small and cozy (75m2) Finally our own place – its really missed, tho we appreciate mom and dad plus bro for putting up with us and Sir-make-alot-noise for severel months:) Thank you!

Tonie and i moved most of our stuff yesterday – took us a few hours of hard work (read: Tonie did alot of lifting while i was whining my back hurt..) But we got very far in the plans so thats nice. Today we took a unpack-stuff day cause it was raining some – didnt wanna move the last pieces in that weather..

Our livingroom - any volunteers for unpacking??

And there is access to a terasse - love the big windows!

First door leads to the hallway, 2nd leeds to guestroom/office. Picture taken in the livingroom

Bathroom - shower behind the door

Build-in cabins - really sweet

Guestroom/office - big enough to hold a bed so thats nice

Nemo inspecting the bedroom

With bed assembled

Build-in cabins in the bedroom..sooo nice! Gonna paint doors white tho

The cement candle

Tonie and i tried out an experiment with cement. Tonie had read up about it, and what you can create with it – here is our first test result:D

Our wet cement

Our homemade form

Almost dry and done

Was really fun

Some daily life doings

Was in frederikshavn today – to visit my shrink and on our way home we bought some shoes for Tonie. At home mom was painting the recently cutted down trees haha.. Been a good day, had perfect lasagne and garlic bread plus salad for dinner, was very nice:) And now we are gonna watch a movie called Black Swan  – hope its good!

Tonies new hot stuff 99kr in deichman shoes

Painted to look like giant pencils haha - later this area will be a resting area for tourists

Kids gonna love it

Yay new apartment

From the 15th Tonie and I have a new apartment. Signed the contract today! Its 75m2 big and is super cheap weeeeeeeee… Gonna be so awesome to finally have our own after 6 month of waiting 😀  Will post lots of pictures the sec we move in

Luckily all our things is already packed !

Finally home

Its been nearly 6 lonely and long weeks Tonie has been away. He went to Sweden mid February to work some cash into our account… aaand yesterday he returned *happy dance*  Was a 13 hour long travel. And i couldnt wait the last 3 hours so i took the boat to frederikshavn to greet him. Then we could take the last boat home to læsø together:)

Welcome home sweetie

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