Tupper cake

The Tupperware items Ive ordered arrived today – and of course i had to test some of it:D Barely managed to unpack the muffin-form til ive put dough in it hihi

Nemo needed attention…

Perfect muffin form!


Potato peeler - for Tonie

Mini treats - A gift from Jytte (thank you!) Cant wait to try this one:D

Loose tea holder - fits a normal cup

I need that bag nemo please!

His opinion...


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  1. kaernevangen Said:

    Wup wup – så lykkes det endelig at få den rigtige form på de rådne muffins hva!? Det var simpelthen en tupper-form der skulle til 😀 De ser mucho lækre ud søde, glæder mig til du laver sådan nogle her :P:P
    Altså ham Nemo der … Sir. Nemo af papirsposen 😀

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