Legal guardian

Went to my sister yesterday  to spend the night with my loooovely niece and nephew. Today we went to the doctor with them for their 5 weeks check (they are getting so big!) The scales was a little messy, but approximately 5.2kg to Benjamin and 4.9kg to Sofie.

Malu asked me if i wanted to be a Legal Guardian – and OF COURSE i will *happy dance* its such an honour (thank you both of you!) I will do everything in my power to be the coolest and best guardian ever!

Mom was watching nemo while i was away – and apparently he have been quite the Mozart hihi – whining every time someone got close to the door (and while talking to mom on the phone i could hear it haha)… But he got very very happy to see his momse again<3

Martin just gotten home from work - first day "away" from the little ones. Was tough for him

THe happy parents and kids!

The proud daddy

Took the doggies out for a little walk "Why are we stopping huh huh huh?!?!"

That little tounge haha so cutie!

Just been fed - so resting happily



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  1. kaernevangen Said:

    Hihi et fint billede du har fanget af Sofie – og ja den tunge er bare all over the place 😀
    Tusind tak for hygge og hjælp ❤

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