Now that hurts!

Got this pretty wound today out in the garden.  I was walking out there with nemo in his leech – minding our own little world when i all of a sudden see the dogs being let out.  My parents didnt know i was out there with nemo… I quickly pick him up and then the dogs see me.. and start running full speed ahead towards me. Freaked nemo out completly and he was terrified so he tried to get out of my arms – as the dogs reached me he was so scared and afraid he slided out of my arms in one of his jumps.  One of his claws stroke my lip on the way… ouch!

He maneged to run 2-3 meters then the leech stopped him, the dogs followed him but kept a safe distance once they reached him. Nemo was beyond scared and really showed some muscles and claws to scare them off – it worked they left him alone. I ran over to him instant of course and picked him up again – holding him extremely tight into my body so he couldnt escape again. Ran inside and me to the doctor after i checked nemo was ok.

Luckily i didnt need stitches or anything – just a vaccine shot thinghy incase bacteries where implied.

Dinner was a fun experience – you try eat without being able to move the ubber lip!  Nemo is still very shaken and havent said a word since the accident. Lured some food and water into him – but im sure he will be ok in a few days 🙂

Looks worse than it is


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