My new temp home

Tonie went to sweden yesterday to see if he can work a little…already miss him insanely much:( Its been a super long trip for him.. we started by taking the Læsø boat at 09.40 and he arrived to his destination in Karlstad (sweden) a little past 22.00 last night… uf!

I had an appointment at the shrink – but i couldnt concentrate much cause i had JUST said goodbye to tonie *cry* – but the conversation went quite well. I like her alot and we seem to connect very well 🙂

In the meantime Nemo and I have moved to my moms place. Ive spend roughly 2 days clearing out one of her rooms – Nemo seems perfectly fine with it. Its not the biggest place so will take him out in the garden daily so he can run around a little:D  We will live here until tonie returns

My king size bed

Computer all set too - fresh fruit, yes its liveable!

He is fine aslong he has his moooommmyyy




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