Few pictures and some updates

So many things going on these days i barely know where to start..  Be prepared of the wall of text!

First of  all, we dont have internet so my aopologies if there arent any updates for a few days. Tonie is going to sweden proberly on monday – and while he is there I might move to moms and leech of their internet.  Tonie is going there to get our car to a checkup – and paint the old apartment now that Nicklas is moving out ( a deal they had) and to see if he can ninja some work somewhere – just to scrabe some money together, sooo we can live longer on the island.

Its really tough for us to keep our moods up atm – the situation feels worse and worse, and we have discussed the idea of moving back to sweden.. Our money is running thin – and we have to sell the car. We live in a small room (i know its a house but its not ours – esp not now since my brother is home….so technically its only a room) and we cant do anything besides wrestling thumbs…. wuhu!

But lets see what happens in sweden now with tonie, if he can work a little so we can save our savings! Because the second we start to use that – its a fast downwards spiral!

Tonie has a job from mid april – but its not a lasting job, its only a summer/seasonal job (it has its positive sides wich is – he can get into a union. And its a opening for him to get to know people here on the island)  – but to be honest, should we wait another 6-9 month to start living?  We want our own place – but cant afford it, So yes he gets a job and we can save up a little. And he can maybe even get A-kasse (union money) after the summerjob/seasonal work is over.  But… then what? there is no 100% guarantee there is a job for him the entire next winter, then we are stuck again. And we are _not_ interested in that!

He is searching for jobs on the mainland right now aswell – but so far no luck:/

On the more positive side – My sister and her happy little family is doing well, its always tough with a little newborn – get a routine going (if thats even possible with such a little one?!) but they have TWO of them to try and syncronize everything with 😀  – Hurts me we live so far apart, wish i could be of more help to them these times. And to ninja a baby on my arm once in a while.

A few pictures taken on the day mom and dad visited them on the hospital. (sorry for the differente sizes of the pictures – not my camera)

Really beautiful picture

"uuhm let me think about it, then ill get back to you"!

Brings back moms memories of when she held me and my brother hihi


Grats to both of you!

So little *smelts*


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