My nephew and niece

Been at my sisters place to see my new nephew and niece! They are really adooooooorable its beyond belief!! Soooooo sweet and cute, have the prettiest faces and such lovely perfect soft cheeks and im completly sold!

Such a shame we live so far apart – otherwise i would have been a daily guest!

Nephew was awake the entire time i was there – had to check out his new aunt and stuff! Baby niece was sleeping sweetly next to us. My heart pumped a little faster when i touched their incredible soft little heads – such little hair… so fine… *love*

Mom got some nice picture from their visit earlier – will upload them soonish. Here are some i took today

Lovely picture!

Arent they a treat?!

So sweetly asleep

Tried to see if sir hungry wanted to sleep a little




  1. eva Said:

    Åhh va roligt att få se dom sååå söta såå hälsa lycka till

  2. Malu Said:

    Eeeiiiiiihhhh altså hvor er jeg bare vild med de billeder – glæder mig også rigtig meget til at se dem fra bedsterne af :D:D

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