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The sleeping spot discussion!

Trying to be nice and arranged a blanket on one of the shelfs in the recently cleared closet.  The Sir-i-decide-myself-thank-you-very-much of course decided a more suitable spot….

On top of all my clothings.. his blanket is RIGHT underneath!!


Im terribly sorry for all the spamming..

I have changed the “Vacation 2010” and all the days (Sunday to sunday) from when we where in denmark on holiday trip with tonies family – to the category July in “month by month”. But sadly it comes out as there has been created a new “post” – wich is why you all got email notifications


10000000 mails later.

The creative corner

To be creative or not to be!

The makings of this picture

Aaand done

Also made one in pink - but i liked the red better

Painted a black box!

Gonna use it for special jewelries i think

Now that hurts!

Got this pretty wound today out in the garden.  I was walking out there with nemo in his leech – minding our own little world when i all of a sudden see the dogs being let out.  My parents didnt know i was out there with nemo… I quickly pick him up and then the dogs see me.. and start running full speed ahead towards me. Freaked nemo out completly and he was terrified so he tried to get out of my arms – as the dogs reached me he was so scared and afraid he slided out of my arms in one of his jumps.  One of his claws stroke my lip on the way… ouch!

He maneged to run 2-3 meters then the leech stopped him, the dogs followed him but kept a safe distance once they reached him. Nemo was beyond scared and really showed some muscles and claws to scare them off – it worked they left him alone. I ran over to him instant of course and picked him up again – holding him extremely tight into my body so he couldnt escape again. Ran inside and me to the doctor after i checked nemo was ok.

Luckily i didnt need stitches or anything – just a vaccine shot thinghy incase bacteries where implied.

Dinner was a fun experience – you try eat without being able to move the ubber lip!  Nemo is still very shaken and havent said a word since the accident. Lured some food and water into him – but im sure he will be ok in a few days 🙂

Looks worse than it is

Candle painting

Found some pencils you can paint with on candles – so had to try it! Its quite fun and very easy 😀

Here have I painted chinese texts on red candles (click for bigger picture)

There will soon roll some heads!

ARGH my entire existance is at stake.. my inhaler..heartbeat… everything is at the end – THE END OF THE WORLD

If i dont soon get some stable internet! *frenzy*

Then im on – then im off….and on juuust long enough to mock me – and off again… aaaaaaaargh!

Diiiiiiiiiiiiiie stupid internet!


What is this now?!

Pretty sure i ordered SUMMER?!

Where is my summer?!

Sir slack alot.

Deciding if he should go all the way out or stay here on semi dry land

Decided to go out...

My new temp home

Tonie went to sweden yesterday to see if he can work a little…already miss him insanely much:( Its been a super long trip for him.. we started by taking the Læsø boat at 09.40 and he arrived to his destination in Karlstad (sweden) a little past 22.00 last night… uf!

I had an appointment at the shrink – but i couldnt concentrate much cause i had JUST said goodbye to tonie *cry* – but the conversation went quite well. I like her alot and we seem to connect very well 🙂

In the meantime Nemo and I have moved to my moms place. Ive spend roughly 2 days clearing out one of her rooms – Nemo seems perfectly fine with it. Its not the biggest place so will take him out in the garden daily so he can run around a little:D  We will live here until tonie returns

My king size bed

Computer all set too - fresh fruit, yes its liveable!

He is fine aslong he has his moooommmyyy



Few pictures and some updates

So many things going on these days i barely know where to start..  Be prepared of the wall of text!

First of  all, we dont have internet so my aopologies if there arent any updates for a few days. Tonie is going to sweden proberly on monday – and while he is there I might move to moms and leech of their internet.  Tonie is going there to get our car to a checkup – and paint the old apartment now that Nicklas is moving out ( a deal they had) and to see if he can ninja some work somewhere – just to scrabe some money together, sooo we can live longer on the island.

Its really tough for us to keep our moods up atm – the situation feels worse and worse, and we have discussed the idea of moving back to sweden.. Our money is running thin – and we have to sell the car. We live in a small room (i know its a house but its not ours – esp not now since my brother is home….so technically its only a room) and we cant do anything besides wrestling thumbs…. wuhu!

But lets see what happens in sweden now with tonie, if he can work a little so we can save our savings! Because the second we start to use that – its a fast downwards spiral!

Tonie has a job from mid april – but its not a lasting job, its only a summer/seasonal job (it has its positive sides wich is – he can get into a union. And its a opening for him to get to know people here on the island)  – but to be honest, should we wait another 6-9 month to start living?  We want our own place – but cant afford it, So yes he gets a job and we can save up a little. And he can maybe even get A-kasse (union money) after the summerjob/seasonal work is over.  But… then what? there is no 100% guarantee there is a job for him the entire next winter, then we are stuck again. And we are _not_ interested in that!

He is searching for jobs on the mainland right now aswell – but so far no luck:/

On the more positive side – My sister and her happy little family is doing well, its always tough with a little newborn – get a routine going (if thats even possible with such a little one?!) but they have TWO of them to try and syncronize everything with 😀  – Hurts me we live so far apart, wish i could be of more help to them these times. And to ninja a baby on my arm once in a while.

A few pictures taken on the day mom and dad visited them on the hospital. (sorry for the differente sizes of the pictures – not my camera)

Really beautiful picture

"uuhm let me think about it, then ill get back to you"!

Brings back moms memories of when she held me and my brother hihi


Grats to both of you!

So little *smelts*

My nephew and niece

Been at my sisters place to see my new nephew and niece! They are really adooooooorable its beyond belief!! Soooooo sweet and cute, have the prettiest faces and such lovely perfect soft cheeks and im completly sold!

Such a shame we live so far apart – otherwise i would have been a daily guest!

Nephew was awake the entire time i was there – had to check out his new aunt and stuff! Baby niece was sleeping sweetly next to us. My heart pumped a little faster when i touched their incredible soft little heads – such little hair… so fine… *love*

Mom got some nice picture from their visit earlier – will upload them soonish. Here are some i took today

Lovely picture!

Arent they a treat?!

So sweetly asleep

Tried to see if sir hungry wanted to sleep a little


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