Poor doggie

Was on the mainland yesterday with daddio  – Zacho their oldest dog needed a trip to the vet for some claws that needed to be clipped, and his wolf-claw needed to be removed via surgery. It was shredded all the way into the root – poor Zachoboy 😦

Got dropped off at my sister while dad went to get some windows for mom and dads new store. He picked me up later, where we then drove around to different construction stores.  And in one of them i found this AWESOME purple tool set for girls (or men?!) with a nifty little bag for 149kr. Ive seen it before in december but didnt buy it – but yesterday i HAD to:D

Nemo got a new walking leech too – a more strong quality. The other we have is alright too – but as he gains more and more confidence outside he tends to fool around more, so really needed something stronger. And this one is very supportive for his neck etc, incase he gets instant stopped when running around.

Almost felt sorry for him when he had to try it on over and over again when i needed to adjust it so it fits haha… in the beginning he thought “weeeeeeee are we going out now??” awww haha – must take a long walk today:D

Been a good day – thanks ❤

My pretty little tools MINE i say!

The nifty little bag

Inside the bag + nemo..

Nemo is a little short sighted it seems...

And ofc its red!

Sits perfect on him

"STOP filming meeeee mom!" paaaaperatziii *BLITZ*


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