Lets call her Milla

Decided this morning to take Milla (ive named the kitten that) down into the living room/kitchen area – while nemo is in the hallway/bedroom/toilet area.  Then she has some more social contact atleast. My heart couldnt bare her sitting up in that room all alone.  I slept a few hours with her etc – but overall she should be with people!

She got super happy when she got downstairs – endless playground area haha:D

Still no calls from her owners tho – been around the entire island putting up posters about her. But hopefully tomorrow when everyone goes to work etc – they will see the posters and reconize her or something.

Tonie discovered that her claws are almost missing.. they have been cut or shredded almost down to the root *sad*…..  there is dried blood around a few of them so it must have been painfull for her. She dosnt seem affected right now by it tho – tries to use Nemos scratching board/walks normal on her paws etc.  But i have decided that if noone calls tomorrow i will take her to the vet on tuesday – check her for worms and get a note on those claws – and further more see if she has a chip

Having a well deserved siesta

"look look i found a new slave"

Working her charm

Melting tonies heart

"uh uh i can play with this"

Enjoying the playtime in the living room

Look at those amazing colors!

Someone likes to have her picture taken!

Look at that smile *smelts*

"This is MY toymouse now you see it?"



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  1. kaernevangen Said:

    Milla – smukt navn 😀 Kors i hytten hvor er hun da bare en lækkerbidsken 😉

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