Kitten rescue!

Saw a kitten run around outside our kitchen window – so i walked out to say hi. Its super tame and cuddly and freezing! It cant be more than 16-20 weeks old. Well fed tho so it must belong to someone nearby…

My heart couldnt live with the fact that it might had run away so i started a search around the neighbourhood knocking doors – but no luck:(

Have opened a door to the garage so it can get a little heat – and will hang some posters tomorrow if its going to stay here

Such a CUTE little female kitten


Nemo entered attack-frenzy-kill-mode.....sigh

"can i come in please?"

"hellooo im cooold!"


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  1. Lone Ramtung Said:

    Tillykke med den nye kat….. hø hø hø….
    Du kan evt. blive Læsø´s nye kattemor….hø hø hø….

    Katte i baghaven og fugle i forhaven….. ganske smart !!!!


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