New years eve in photos!

Arrived at 17.50 to my parents friends house to watch our queens new year eve speech. Then gathered around the table for some really delicious food – it was really amazing mmmhmm… was a 3 coursed meal and we started out with a crab mousse of some sort on spinach leafs. Then oxmeat wrapped in foil with garlic butter and herbs and bacon, together with potatoes and sauce. And the 3rd couse was homemade icecreame wich was very delicious.

The alchohol had a steady flow all around the table – except from 2 of the younger members of the crowd as they acted as drivers for the rest of us:D

The men where som little bandits haha – kept finding people that needed a “lesson” so they walked around to various neighbours “helping” them decorate their gardens haha

Fireworks also kept a steady flow over the night – was pretty to look at 🙂

All in all it was a really nice evening and Tonie and i had a really nice time. Went home around 01.00ish.. sooo tired

My little animal heart HAVE to mention that they have 2 aaaamaaaazingly pretty cats! HUGE furballs – and sooooo cute! Was a little tough getting a picture of them tho as they werent too happy with all these people and the fireworks.  They also have this super fun and intelligent dog (german shepherd) who was really cool to play with. She had this ring of rubber thinghy you could hide somewhere and then tell her to go find it. Tonie spend a great deal of time fooling around with her:D

Thank you Jytte and Carsten for a wonderful evening:)

Getting ready for the speech

Haha pretty!

The pretty decorated table

Jytte and Nadia (jyttes daughter)

Finding our seats

My brother teasing!


My brother and Jytte (the host)

Drunk much?...


Little tablebombs where in a steady shooting spree

Very loud firework!

Proberly discussing how to destroy a hot topic fence

The A-team getting ready for work!

The men looking for trouble! haha

Some neighbours came to wish us a happy new year

Even mom and dad had a drink..or 20 hihi

Well arent we sober *cough*

Chit chat

more and more booze on the table!

Everyone is out to watch the midnight fireworks

Kasja the doggie wants out to the rest of us - wasnt afraid at all for the fireworks:D




  1. kaernevangen Said:

    Ser ud til I havde en skøn aften – er vild med Paps’ hat 😀 OG det billede af dig og Tonie, hvor mange baileys havde du lige hældt ned dér unge dame!? Glæder mig til at se dig/jer igen ❤ Godt nytår. Kram 🙂

  2. eva Said:

    Det såg ut som ni hadde en trevlig kväll gött för er kram

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