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A new experience

Took Nemo out for a little ride today – mom have a football field and thought it could be fun for nemo to go there and sniff around a little. Turns out he walked straight away from it and over to the boyscout house thats lying cross the forrest street.  After a quick sniff around the area he decided to walk along side the road for quite some time – was sooo fun:D almost like walking a dog

He wasnt scared – just the first 2 minutes he had the “what the heck is this” face – then started to run off. And when it was time to go home he had totally different plans so had to carry him the last way to the car haha…

What the heck is this face..

"UH what was that?" (a truck on the mainroad)

A whole new world

Better overview

Find the cat

"Im the king of the forest"

Sneaking away from us - "no way im going home now mom!"



Tonights menu is…

Fish! or atleast it is for me 😀

Steamed fish with rice and tomatosauce – and some spinach leafs on the side. It tasted AWESOME! Tonie is making pancakes – wasnt in the mood to experiment with his food today hihi

Almost looks like a flower haha

Poor doggie

Was on the mainland yesterday with daddio  – Zacho their oldest dog needed a trip to the vet for some claws that needed to be clipped, and his wolf-claw needed to be removed via surgery. It was shredded all the way into the root – poor Zachoboy 😦

Got dropped off at my sister while dad went to get some windows for mom and dads new store. He picked me up later, where we then drove around to different construction stores.  And in one of them i found this AWESOME purple tool set for girls (or men?!) with a nifty little bag for 149kr. Ive seen it before in december but didnt buy it – but yesterday i HAD to:D

Nemo got a new walking leech too – a more strong quality. The other we have is alright too – but as he gains more and more confidence outside he tends to fool around more, so really needed something stronger. And this one is very supportive for his neck etc, incase he gets instant stopped when running around.

Almost felt sorry for him when he had to try it on over and over again when i needed to adjust it so it fits haha… in the beginning he thought “weeeeeeee are we going out now??” awww haha – must take a long walk today:D

Been a good day – thanks ❤

My pretty little tools MINE i say!

The nifty little bag

Inside the bag + nemo..

Nemo is a little short sighted it seems...

And ofc its red!

Sits perfect on him

"STOP filming meeeee mom!" paaaaperatziii *BLITZ*

The little kitten

At 20.00 tonight Millas owners called – apparently they live right next door to us (they werent home when i was around knocking on doors) – så the little precious is now finally at home again weee 😀

Seems that they have 2 cats – and they are right now in the introduction fase, and their other cat have chased Milla away.  They will try hold them both indoor for awhile so they can get to know eachother better


See you around Milla

Wuhuu new job!

On another happy note – Tonie got a job today!! Or well he starts the 15th April and work for an entire summer season at a burger place/bar. He is gonna work his ass off to grind enough hours to get into the union. So when the season is over he will have worked up enough hours to get union salery rest of the year out. We went down to his new boss named Bent around 14.00 this afternoon and talked actually most about animals than the actual job haha… Bent is a huge animal lover too:D

Bent said that he shouldnt stop searching for jobs etc – Cause this is only a summer job, so he was completly free to do what he wanted. But from the 15th April he could come work there for the summer atleast:)

Tonie the chef

Lets call her Milla

Decided this morning to take Milla (ive named the kitten that) down into the living room/kitchen area – while nemo is in the hallway/bedroom/toilet area.  Then she has some more social contact atleast. My heart couldnt bare her sitting up in that room all alone.  I slept a few hours with her etc – but overall she should be with people!

She got super happy when she got downstairs – endless playground area haha:D

Still no calls from her owners tho – been around the entire island putting up posters about her. But hopefully tomorrow when everyone goes to work etc – they will see the posters and reconize her or something.

Tonie discovered that her claws are almost missing.. they have been cut or shredded almost down to the root *sad*…..  there is dried blood around a few of them so it must have been painfull for her. She dosnt seem affected right now by it tho – tries to use Nemos scratching board/walks normal on her paws etc.  But i have decided that if noone calls tomorrow i will take her to the vet on tuesday – check her for worms and get a note on those claws – and further more see if she has a chip

Having a well deserved siesta

"look look i found a new slave"

Working her charm

Melting tonies heart

"uh uh i can play with this"

Enjoying the playtime in the living room

Look at those amazing colors!

Someone likes to have her picture taken!

Look at that smile *smelts*

"This is MY toymouse now you see it?"


Kitten update

My heart couldnt take it anymore – after finding her out in the woodhouse crawling under a few pieces of wood..shaking – so i took her inside!  My brother have 3 unused rooms with nothing in them except an empty bed, so figured she can spend the night there:)

Gave her some food and water and a little toilet. She was soooooo happy when she got inside haha.. cuddly and purring and molding me with her paws *soo cute*

Printed out 10 posters im gonna put up tomorrow around the neighbourhood

UH UH toys!

Suuuper cuddly *smelts*

Inspection round


Some sheets for her to sleep in


Kitten rescue!

Saw a kitten run around outside our kitchen window – so i walked out to say hi. Its super tame and cuddly and freezing! It cant be more than 16-20 weeks old. Well fed tho so it must belong to someone nearby…

My heart couldnt live with the fact that it might had run away so i started a search around the neighbourhood knocking doors – but no luck:(

Have opened a door to the garage so it can get a little heat – and will hang some posters tomorrow if its going to stay here

Such a CUTE little female kitten


Nemo entered attack-frenzy-kill-mode.....sigh

"can i come in please?"

"hellooo im cooold!"

Chickened out

I couldnt do it yesterday – i got cold feet as i was planning the trip 😦

So got a new time the 4th feb with the nurse-lady…. hopefully that will give me enough preperation time of what im gonna say to her.  Bleh just sucks, now everything will get delayed even more.

Not as strong as i might seem..

Been a while

Went to see the shrink today – havent been there for 1½ year and its really needed that i get going! Anyway i had booked a time and today i thought it was an introduction meeting with my new shrink more or less… but apparently i have been out of the system for too long, so i have to start completly over.  Got me quite disappointed and to be honest very sad and frustrated.

Got a new appointment on friday with the nurse.. not shrink(?!) to schedule my future sessions with her.. BUT thats not gonna happen! They got me off guard today, but i will have a speech ready on friday to the lady. They should for starters read my file….


Stupid day

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