A december month

What a month! Im pleased to know its over tomorrow at 00.00! We are in a loop of bad insidences… seriously the things that has been thrown to us the past couple of weeks!

1. Tonie gets a food poisioning and has to stay at the hospital for severel days

2. My granma gets a blood cluster in the heart and is right now at the hospital

3. The place my dad and brother works at goes bankruptcy… (another company will buy them out tho)

4. We see our dreamdog and drives down to get her – end up with 2 wonderful doggies, regret 1 of them and deliver her back. But after a few days we realize that Nemo is in no way cable of leaving the litte puppy alone… so we decided to deliver her back aswell 😦   (Nemo saw her as a target to destroy and scratched her severel times) so 1 dream “down”.  If we are to get a dog it has to be bigger than nemo!

5. And to top it all a more private matter has surfaced again – you know who you are and we wish you all the best in the world.

Tonight Tonie and i will drown our sorrows in Applecider and candy and movies, while floading in the bed with a million sheets!  Tomorrow is a sparkling new day and we will go to my parents friends to celebrate new years eve 🙂


In the menu to the left on your screen ive made a new tab called “Best pictures of 2010” – enjoy:D

Hope the stuff we got is good!

Looooads of candy!




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  1. eva Said:

    Hej å hå nu är det till att se positivt på tillvaron med så mycke negativt måste det komma positivt nu 🙂 KRAMAR

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